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Wedding entertainment is one entertainment that should be as radiant and vibrant as the bride. Brendan Mon Tanner’s, Hilarious Wedding Show, is dynamic and a totally new twist on wedding entertainment that will make for an unforgettable day.  His Hilarious Wedding Show has become one of the most popular in-demand wedding entertainment for receptions across Sydney. The show is packed full of action with spectacular fire-eating, comedy routines, and amazing magic. There’s audience participation as well for some real outrageous fun! Brendan Mon Tanner’s Wedding Show has been seen on Four Weddings. The show is splitting laughter and astonishing magic and stunts and lasts about 30 to 40 minutes. There is no offensive or blue material in the show, just great wedding entertainment.

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Hilarious Comedy Magic

Brendan Mon is comedy and magic that will have you believing in the power of the supernatural all while having fantastic fun. His award winning shows are ideal for corporate and special events and will have the audience both laughing and mind blown with mysterious magic and humour. The show is unbelievably exciting and funny with not only the unexpected occurring, but the impossible becoming real. His magic is breathtaking, and his stunts are amazing in his action packed and hilarious comedy and magic entertainment show. There’s astonishing magic stunts, audience interaction and magic awesome magic for 60 minutes of thrilling excitement and fun. The show is for mature corporate audiences and contains no blue material. Call 1300 624 424 to book now.

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Magic to the Max Las Vegas Grand Illusion Show

Watch showgirls appear from nowhere, electrifying dance numbers, a person being sliced in three parts, the sword box, breathtaking fire twirling and fire eating stunts,the shrinking of a person to a mere six inches, the vanishing act, the illusion of a head being removed, animals appear from nowhere and much more. Brendan Mon Tanner, Australian Comedy Magician, features a thrilling performance with the supernatural powers of magic, mystifying acts and outrageously unique humour that will have you both locked in suspense and mystery and rolling off your seat. The shows are for major corporate events and all other event types.

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Magic to the Max Roving Magicians

Roving magicians are perfect for cocktail parties, private and corporate functions, special occasions and company meetings. Allow the crowd to warm up and guests to relax and enjoy themselves and you witness magic performed so quickly you will believe in the power of the supernatural! Combined with fun audience interaction and comedy it is a performance that will have you both astonished and laughing. The entertainment is perfect for clients and guests, as well as company staff as magicians rove the floor performing card tricks, sponge balls tricks, rope trickscoin tricks, , and magic with plenty of interaction.


Comedy Magic for Special Family Events

Magician Australia top Magicians 

Are you looking for a magician that can perform for children and adults? Brendan Mon Tanner has a variety of  magic shows that will suit all family style entertainment such as christenings, communions, bar mitzvah’s dinner parties and private family functions. Our Professional magicians are more popular for family occasions as everybody is entertained. The show duration is 45 to 50 minute floor show with magic, comedy and hilarious audience participation that will suit all ages.Magician Australia magicians have had more than 10 years experience with children and family audiences. Call magician on how to book our top line magicians.


Family Entertainment Christmas Spectacular Variety Show

Make the season even more memorable during this season’s event with magic added into the holiday spirit. Brendan Mon Tanner and Australia’s juggler James Bustar provides nonstop entertainment with magic, juggling, illusions and mad comedy and a special appearance from Jolly Old St. Nick and his elves. It is wonderful entertainment and holiday fun and excitement for all generations. The show is ideal forschools, club entertainment, theatres, and outdoor events. Book early to ensure availability.

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  • One of the funniest shows I have ever seen,highlight of the night.Brendan had me laughing.

    Cam Scott
  • Brendan,Thanks for a great night of entertainment, everyone is still talking about it

    Ricki Stuart
  • Brendan is my favourite magician,Always keeps me AWAKE.


    Ray Martin
  • Incredible I enjoyed the night,very funny man.

    Kostya Tszyu
  • It was hilarious,great entertainment.

    Tim Webster