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birthday boy

Children’s Birthday Party Entertainment

The amazement of how the power of illusion lights up the creative mind of a child is magic in itself. Magician Australia offers a range of magicians that make the impossible appear real and the mystic magic a show in itself. Amazing magic and tricks and plenty of interaction with the kids make for outrageous fun, comedy and humour that will have the kids astonished and the birthday boy or girl remembering their birthday party for years to come. The show runs approximately 30 minutes to one hour with a variety of magic tricks, balloon sculpturing and photos and ideally suited for children ages 4 to 13 years. 1300 624 424 to book today!

four weddings magic

Wedding Magician Entertainment, Engagements, Special Occasions

For months, to a year or more in advance, every detail of your wedding is planned to make the day the most magical day. The supernatural power of magic is a wonderful entertainment to celebrate the day and the forces of nature that brought the beautiful wedding couple together. Magician Australia has years of experience in organising the best and most suitable entertainment for weddings and helps the bride and groom to choose the perfect entertainment or combination of entertainment for their wedding day. We offer a variety of artists like Singers, Music Floor Shows, Comedy Magicians, Roving Magicians, Fire Eaters, MC’s and more.
Magician Australia caters to all nationalities, including Italian, Maltese, Greek, Lebanese, and Vietnamese to ensure the perfect entertainment for the wedding day. Give us a call today to discuss your wedding entertainment needs to make your day a magical and memorable day.  1300 624 424

Australias comedy magician


A world of entertainment is an understatement for Brendan Mon Tanner’s award winning comedy magic presentations that feature fun, excitement, humour and magic and ideally suited for all types of corporate events, functions and occasions. From hilarious one liners to amazing and “off the wall” magic stunts, the shows are tailor-made and will leave the audience entertained. Brendan Mon Tanner is fast paced, interactive and memorable. The shows contain no blue material and are catered for adult corporate audiences and last from 30 to 60 minutes. To book Brendan today, call Australian Magician at 1300 624 424

phot easter show

Las Vegas Style Show Grand Illusions

From conjuring tricks to making the impossible seem to happen, to showgirls appearing from nowhere, see it live. Brendan Mon Tanner grand illusions include the sword box, slicing a person into three parts, sawing a body in half, shrinking a human body to six inches, the removable head illusion, the vanishing, breathtaking fire eating / fire twirling stunts, electrifying dance numbers, appearing animals and much more. The shows are exciting with spectacular effects and will have you on the edge of your seat! Ideal for all types of events. Call 1300 624 424 to book today!

wedding event magician

Roving Magicians

Add the perfect balance to corporate and private functions, cocktail parties, special occasions and company meetings with roving magicians performing rope tricks, sponge balls, coin tricks, and all sleight of hand magic with plenty of audience interaction to make the event filled with laughter as magic and fun fill the air. Walk around roving magicians are a great addition to cocktail hour or a nice icebreaker allowing guests to relax and enjoy the atmosphere and one another. While the magic is an illusion, roving magicians make the impossible happen and sometimes right in the guests hands. 1300 624 424 to book today.

the boys show

Family Show Entertainment

Magician Australia always has the perfect entertainment for all types of occasions and functions and for any age. From children entertainment to adult entertainment to entertainment geared for kids and adults, magician entertainment is offered from Magician Australia. 1300 624 424 for more entertainment.

Christmas show for children sydney

Variety Christmas Spectacular

Celebrate the magic of Christmas with Brendan Mon Tanner, comedy magician, and James Bustar, juggler, and their Santa Claus helpers performing a wide range of Christmas magic shows suited for everyone. Perfect for outdoor events, schools, club entertainment theatres and more. Book in advance, as the dates fill quickly! Call 1300 624 424.

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  • One of the funniest shows I have ever seen,highlight of the night.Brendan had me laughing.

    Cam Scott
  • Brendan,Thanks for a great night of entertainment, everyone is still talking about it

    Ricki Stuart
  • Brendan is my favourite magician,Always keeps me AWAKE.


    Ray Martin
  • Incredible I enjoyed the night,very funny man.

    Kostya Tszyu
  • It was hilarious,great entertainment.

    Tim Webster